Welcome to our group "Molecular Metals and Magnetic Nanostructures"


Here, you find information about our research and teaching activities at Goethe-University Frankfurt.

We do research and teach in the field of Experimental Solid State Physics, one of the most diverse and – both regarding fundamental and applied science – important fields in modern physics.

Our interest is mainly focused on the following topics:


Molecular Metals

Solids consisting of organic molecules (like plastics) usually are electrical insulators. In the last decades, however, electrically conducting organic condensed matter systems have attracted considerable interest. We investigate molecular metals, so-called charge-transfer salts, which are excellent model systems for studying the physics of correlated, i.e. strongly-interacting electrons in reduced dimensions. In particular, we are interested in investigating the dynamics of charges in the vicinity of electronic, magnetic and superconducting instabilities. To that end, we apply nonlinear and time-resolved transport measurements, as e.g. low-frequency fluctuation (noise) spectroscopy.



Magnetic Nanostructures

Investigating micro- or nanoscale magnetic structures or particles is on the one hand important for our basic understanding of ferromagnetism on small length scales, and on the other hand in view of technological applications like magnetic data storage, biological sensing or spintronics. We are particularly interested in studying small arrays or even single magnetic micro-/nano-structures and their interactions. To that end, we use Hall sensors based on semiconductor heterostrutures as ultra-sensitive, so-called Hall magnetometers. With such devices, e.g. the dynamics of individual magnetic domain walls in the magnetization reversal process can be investigated. Another field of application is studying local, i.e. microscopic magnetic phenomena in bulk samples.



Further Research Activities ...

... include defect spectroscopy in semiconductors and phenomena of electronic and magnetic phase separation in correlated electron systems.



M.Sc. Berit Körbitzer, Fluktuationsspektroskopie an zweidimensionalen Elektronensystemen in GaAs/AlGaAs-Heterostrukturen, Master thesis, December 2012

B.Sc. Sven Heinz, Aufbau einer Anordnung zur präzisen Manipulation magnetischer Mikro-Proben, Bachelor thesis, August 2012

M.Sc. Merlin Pohlit, Mikro-Hall-Magnetometrie - Herstellung von GaAs/AlGaAs-Sensoren und magnetische Messungen an EuB6, Master thesis, June 2012

M.Sc. Benedikt Hartmann, Fluktuationsspektroskopie an dem organischen Ladungstransfersalz k-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Cl, Master thesis, May 2012

Dr. Jens Brandenburg, Fluktuationsspektroskopie an organischen Ladungstransfersalzen, Dissertation, April 2011



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